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beyond the olympics. starting in germany the first. iran considers a bill on accelerating its nuclear program if new u.s. sanctions are imposed as western powers urgent to fulfill an agreement brokered in geneva seen as a key breakthrough of twenty thirteen. a child born today will grow up with no conception of privacy at all privacy is on the verge of extinction warns edward snowden as he takes to the british airwaves giving an alternative to the queen's speech and wishing everyone a merry christmas. and competing is nice but winning trumps it all say athletes as they ready themselves for the sochi winter olympics stay with us as we report on one paralympic contender who's using that gold fever to turn tragedy into purpose.
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bizarre to international coming to live from moscow with me marina joshing rania lawmakers have proposed a bill on boosting uranium enrichment to sixty percent of new sanctions are imposed on the country the motion is apparently aimed at countering u.s. legislation authorizing tougher prizes if iran breaches a historic deal reached in geneva last month that agreements raised hopes of between iran and foreign powers and marked a significant milestone in the year two thousand and thirteen. now let's tell ok at what the deal was about iran agreed to were douceur anyone rich went from twenty percent seen as too close to bomb making capability five per
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se and for the next six months and also to deactivate its advanced centrifuges inspectors would monitor this on a daily basis and sanctions would begin to ease more on what led to the landmark document in a really good cause report we need to iran's new leader. iran is the anchor of stability in the region he's trying to convince the west he's not out for blood. the iranian threat is imaginary and used as an excuse for others. and he thinks a nuclear free middle east is the key to peace and stability urgent practical steps towards the establishment of such is own unnecessary. that sounds good too but not everyone believes iran could have to changed so much. is a war in sheep's clothing or war for thinks you can pull the args the wool over the eyes. of the international community israel the only country in middle east that
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has. recently made determined to push its point across to iran's minutes away from developing a nuclear bomb and blowing up the world with israel being first on its list of targets this rhetoric however may serve to cover tel aviv's real fears it's not about nuclear weapons not really it's about who's going to be the power in the gulf you've got three contending parties here you've got the saudis and the g.c.c. the gulf cooperation council you've got israel with the united states behind it and then you've got iran really the only stable state in the region other than israel then there was the first time leaders of the u.s. and iran spoke to each other directly in more than thirty years the phone call that really rubbed a lot of people the wrong way but to cure early in the u.s. where the president had to deal with a lot of furious lawmakers both republicans and democrats who still think within the brackets of the cold war era a bad bad bad interim deal iran is
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a threat to peace in the world and it's not only the issue of nuclear weaponry it is their entire behavior of spreading terrorism throughout the region a lot of us have very tied his hands are tied there are people and lobby groups in the united states that do not want to see the united states and iran after thirty four years of demonizing the country to have relations are novembers eighteen hour long talks in geneva seemed to have brought a final breakthrough iran agreed to significantly slow down it's really respond process in return for easing of the sanctions the joy was short lived you have seen the u.s. senate that. writing new sanctions was. the government's. trying to side with this first examined and then we have the
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media outlets the third in line with me in the united states and that is trying to scare. the american people of the europeans about iran and about the iran's intentions but judging by the messages that come from the president the intentions are to live and not others live in peace and change not a tude that doesn't seem to be welcomed by needy old school partitions in the west even to them. although the nuclear deal is only a temporary fix and will be renegotiated next year richie and it was no easy task the atomic wrangling our iran started to heat up a decade ago when the country was labeled an axis of evil power by the us along with iraq and north korea do partly to his apparent nuclear ambitions and a war of words threats of military strikes crippling sanctions and even cyber warfare were to follow alice now say iran is tired of all this and that's what made
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the deal possible. the president of iran has made a very favorable impression on the west and on the united states the on the foreign ministers here to be negotiating in good faith there's a tremendous reservoir of hostility toward iran. and i think the president of iran and the foreign minister have gone very far to dissipate that and to impress upon the americans the government and nation that this is a different government now this is a government that recognizes the things that have gone wrong in our relationship in the path show on both sides that we want to move back into a community with the world we want to do what we were elected to do which was and sanctions and bring iran back into the international community and into the international economy. now one of the world's most wanted fugitives has wished britons a merry christmas and a constant vigilance the n.s.a.
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whistleblower edward snowden made an appearance on national t.v. with a not so uplifting message on the emergence of western surveillance states but he added on a cheer a note assuring viewers that it's not two way to fight back or just play book reports. christmas day here in the u.k. is a sacred tradition it's all about the christmas turkey the family gathering and of course getting around the telly to watch the queen's speech with your family this year the queen was wishing brits a merry christmas she spoke about the birth of her grandson about the years achievements bought channel for airing i know it's time to have christmas message from n.s.a. whistleblower edward snowden who of course revealed the existence of mass government surveillance programs in the us the u.k. and other western countries and he was speaking all about privacy he said that george orwell's one thousand nine hundred eighty four was a real fairy tale compared to the reality that we're living with right now with the
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trial born today will grow up with no conception of privacy at all they'll never know what it means to have a private moment to themselves and recorded on the last phone battle for said that they chose edward snowden for this christmas message because of the extent of the revelations that he has brought to the public this year and the questions that he's raised around democratic society so they're going to be hoping that they will have knowledge experience towards questioning that status quo that little bit more by having edward snowden talk to them about privacy today. now earlier we talked to jim killick executive director of the open ryans group and he told us that if societies remain docile there will be nothing to stop the rise of surveillance states if we don't think about the consequences of that and ask ourselves how we limit the power of the state in the face of this change that digital technology
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brings then we are going to be you know move into a surveillance society just by default because governments are going to use of course they're going to use of balfe people from time to time but what we found out from edward snowden is that they've changed the what they do you know twenty thirty years ago they would've targeted a few individuals they wouldn't have been trying to surveil the whole population not unless you were you know east germany or something what about what we know now is that that's what we're doing we're just gathering information on everybody indiscriminately of course we're not going to stop governments from spying on each other but that is a very very different to than using the excuse of terrorism to keep tabs on everybody snowden is not the only one delivering a christmas message to liberty a u.s. civil rights group has had a say to releasing a comedy video of santa poking fun of the n.s.a. watch it now at a tea dot com. and may be the time for giving but it's also the time for spending
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coming out on our t.v. and over there was a festive spirit has taken hold of millions of brits or are said to be saddled with christmas debt for months to come. and the story of riches to rags for the muslim brotherhood just months after holding the reins of power in egypt the group is now not only banned from the country's political life bought officially designated as terrorists. for just over two months to go before the sort you lympics athletes are reporting average saying they've gone into training for a chance and goal that serves for victory is just as strong among the paralympic containers which is more in medina conscionable falls a story of one athlete found the loss of his legs was no match for sporting ambition. this is why second family thirty six year old by d.m.c. lucan is the captain of the twenty fourteen russia sledge hockey paralympic team
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and this training base as his home mortgages are here almost every day at this training base morning till night training and while the games are just around the corner the athletes are training even harder than africa well most of your every day is the say we get up we have breakfast then we trade on the days that we have a game to play we arrive at the stadium an hour before we spend some time to get ready and then we go and fight. but things haven't always been so crystal clear for him but team lost both his lacks while serving in the military and changing. progress i remember everything like it was yesterday i was completely lost i didn't know what to do next this is my friends from the army supported me of that i got into sport first i tried swimming but then not let ics. in two thousand and four he launched a sport club for disabled sports man his daddy cation to slash hockey began five
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years later at that time slash hockey was barely known in the country and there were no team snow conscious no experience but these guys managed to change that sassed and fearless just like the plea they gave before on the saturday before the court heard it was strange at the beginning i remember there were very few of us at first training we tried to hold the sledge but we could not handle the thrust we were falling down constantly now the newcomers use us as an example. of what patience commitment to training and outstanding determination you know these guys have it all to turn their lives their around and become elite athletes to make it to the national team and that they challenge this to be the best at sochi winter olympics slash hockey has been a part of the. lympics since ninety ninety four but this is going to be the fast year and russian team has competed and this year the competition on the ice is
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going to be much tougher. on that sunday to get back in canada the world sledge hockey challenge this year we played against the teams of canada in the us they're very skilled at leats we still cannot outdo their experience especially in the little things we're trying very hard. more attention competitive pressure but for ng and students and the team is no exception there is one thing that matters the most at them picks. every player thinks only about victory how to grab it and never let it go this is important. question a tool or region arty. farty has been camping out. for a while now and will continue to do so as he heads to sochi but if you want to read up on his story or watch our previous reports on him it's all on our website r.t. dot com. searching for the twenty fourteen olympics what's this
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place like and why is is so special as the russian resort prepares to welcome the world power the games shaping the city's present and future what more sochi will bring you this is the moment they're reporting from look very cold and snowy windy mountainous tough yet beyond the olympics what the. starting germ of the first on our team. and then more news after the break stay with us. to the. eason's he adds but there's already plenty to celebrate this december on this month's show we learn how the future tense so lazy sets in stone how to make movies with an instant messenger on their revolution exoskeleton makes life work
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could really take. a year on. drugs and at least sixteen percent of imports came from illegal fishing. the european union is ironically taking fish from some of the poorest nations on earth so this is a very serious and very urgent problem that needs immediate international action. coupon for the territorial waters they fish they load the fish on to the ships and leave for europe. to day illegal fishing just taking the bread out of our mouths. welcome back this is our team turkey gifts at
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a temple or two but all these christmas pleasures coming to have to cost one that many families in the u.k. will struggle to pay back and new study says it will take the average household until almost the middle of two thousand and fourteen to get over the dead ball but as laura smith reports nothing could be further from the minds of the credit card will be consumers on the streets of london. people are in the grips of a buying frenzy last minute shopping last minute spending and last minute going into debt british families are more likely to start the new year buried under a mountain of credit card debts than almost any of the europeans only rumanians and turks splash more plastic britons are also taking on more christmas debt in two thousand and thirteen than the year before which is granted fears about the wider economy the bank of england says a recovery has taken hold but these debt figures raise the possibility that the recoveries at being fueled by borrowed money other nations do have other forms of
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dad says i n. g.'s senior economist credit cards have a killer pit bulls critics can in soft be expensive the interest rate on it furthermore critical tends to get mixed up on various and she's taking part in take credit for doing that and you also pay for more precise things such as a present which you are going to pay back over a number of months for example critic card it can be particularly useful for a number of people but we must be aware of the pitfalls if you don't keep yourself under control for now though the most you hear on regent street spend today and deal with the consequences later or you know in fact only one in four britons said they had any intention of paying the money back but the high interest rates on credit cards mean debt can easily spiral out of control and tough economic times
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potentially spell a less than happy two thousand and fourteen for the indebted. and coming up on r t international max kaiser looks at how big time bank service managed to keep out of jail. the united states we have over and over jamie dimon and a and j.p. morgan's critic at the crime it's a crime of crime they've they've paid a dozens of fines this year for various crimes so you've got like jamie is begging to be imprisoned some people i've i've had this experience when i worked on wall street myself a lot of people they beg to be wiped out financially and my role as a stockbroker is to euthanize their accounts jamie dimon is a guy who's begging to be euthanized and i think as a country as a world we should get together and answer his wish he wants to become one with his maker he says look i broke the law please arrest me i want to go to jail and be abused by hundreds of thousands of inmates and some on godly by i'm tired of being
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free put me in prison i beg you so he breaks more and more laws but unfortunately the law breaking becomes the basis of the g.d.p. for a country like america and they can't put him in jail because i need him out there breaking the law so they can pay themselves huge bonuses at the end of the year so he's really is an existential crisis that's as christmas wish but nobody will fill his christmas wish oh it will do a. little. at least one person has been killed and at least four wounded in an explosion in egypt's capital the blast ripped through a public bus passing in front of a university in cairo security forces say the bomb was planted at a pedestrian crossing two more explosive devices were discovered and diffused nearby the falls tuesday suicide bombing which claimed sixteen lives and left scores injured at a police have quarters in the north of the country that attack has been blamed on
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the muslim brotherhood now officially branded a terrorist organization by the military backed interim government however the group denies any involvement and is demanding an investigation based journalist for your amin says egypt's efforts to stamp out islam most are unlikely to backfire. this is a new as still a shin in the long running feud between the security state and the muslim brotherhood what they are trying to achieve is to crush the zionist group altogether and not to leave any room any space for that group to enter into political life again but they see more defined the never they've already called for protests on friday saying that the coup is the real terrorism here and they feel that this is a return to january twenty eleven the return of the police state repressive
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measures being taken. all measures taken to silence any form of dissent so i expect more violence more bloodshed and it's a vicious cycle. now nature throws an unwelcome christmas party for travelers on and a stray operated ship the seventy passengers on board were hoping for a once in a lifetime arctic adventure and got more than they bargained for when sea ice closed in on the vessel find out what happened on our website r.t. dot com. and radiation fears force fisherman in japan's fukushima province has dumped them most of their catch as contamination continues to spread more than two years after the nuclear disaster. on paper it's still the world's wealthiest nation but appearances can be deceptive working class americans are increasingly finding that they can provide for their families and are being left behind by soaring inequality reports. luis vasquez is
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a nineteen year old college student and his family's principal breadwinner he makes seven dollars and twenty five cents per hour working at mcdonald's a company that pays its c.e.o. over thirteen million dollars a year five siblings on a single mother. had i mean to be honest the conditions are not great you really can't do much on a week one thing for certain is we're actually on public assistance and the reason you know that's the only way we're surviving. you know my fast food is a two hundred billion dollar industry and the so-called ninety nine percent that serve and make the food live in poverty. income inequality and the widening gap between rich and poor is what galvanized america's occupy wall street movement in two thousand and eleven everything that inspired everything those people were out there screaming and yelling about a few years ago is more painfully more true now more than half of all u.s.
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wage earners made less than thirty thousand dollars last year this as millions more are sliding down the economic ladder below the poverty line tonight let's declare that in the wealthiest nation on earth no one who works full time should have to live in poverty and raise the federal minimum wage to nine dollars an hour. months after u.s. president barack obama made his promise. yet fast food workers in more than one hundred u.s. cities have been taking to the streets pleading for an increase in the minimum wage at seven twenty five a pace so low the majority who are earning are forced to rely on government assistance like food stamps to make ends meet the bottom line is that wages have gone up united states in forty years the middle class has been disassembled and this is increasingly a country that has a standard for a third world or developing. country distribution of income it's
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a winner take all society and if you don't win taking it all means taking it from you to make matters worse this situation is turning into a supersized problem you see low wage jobs account for the bulk of new jobs added during the so-called us recovery this while fast food and retail which mostly pay minimum wage remain are among the fastest growing sectors and while vast ques a computer engineer major continues looking for a better paying job it's hard to find employees that's for sure i can tell you that it's hard to find them for a bit over what i was just a decent movies that we can actually put food on the table for our families and be able to at least pay some bills and get by a dream for the millions of americans work and struggle just to survive marina fortnight you. also get some other stories from around the world and judge in saudi arabia has recommended on a leading blogger face the death penalty for rejecting islam right but are we as
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been behind bars since he was sentenced in june a seventy year term and six hundred lashes for making supposedly and islamic statements on is a liberal website the case has been linked to a wider crackdown with two of the country's best known political activists given jail sentences earlier this year. the castors in turkey as major cities have been holding marches calling on the prime minister to step down accusing his government of corruption or rally in a stamboul and that with clashes between demonstrators and riot police under increasing pressure they are gone announced a major cabinet reshuffle after three ministers linked to graft investigation result. the united nations has criticized a you came a gratian bill saying it is likely to stigmatize foreigners and create a climate of ethnic profiling the u.n. refugee agency says the initiative if passed would violate the rights of asylum.
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seekers' prime minister david cameron has proposed new measures to deter illegal migrants barring their access to bank accounts private housing and free public services. the japanese prime minister has visited a controversial war shrine in tokyo drawing sharp rebuke from china and south korea is the first time in seventy years a leader has visited the memorial which honors people who died in the second world war including convicted war criminals this comes at a delicate time inflation's between japan and china amidst tensions over a small group of violence of the east china sea they both claim as their own. and a look at the latest breakthroughs and gadgets in the high tech world next in technology update here on our to international.
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although i have gone duck hunting a few times i've never seen the duck dynasty t.v. show but gosh i heard about the standoff involving one of the stars of the show phil robertson who got suspended for making what many consider anti homo sexual comments in an interview this slippery scandal is creating a lot of arguments about freedom of speech on social networks many people who believe that robertson deserved to be booted from the show for what he said argue that freedom of speech means that robertson can't be arrested by the government for what he said but the eighty t.v. channel has the right to fire whom they like the thing is that if this situation were reversed and robertson was fired for making pro l.g. p.t. statements then people who are currently defending any right to hire and fire as they please would all be bashing the t.v. channel for violating the star's freedom of speech thing cry that firing him would violate his rights and i'm sure some websites would make him into a hero or demand a boycott or closing of the forever very few people actually believe in freedom of speech for all they just believe in freedom of speech for people who agree with
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them but that's just my opinion. if you leave with economic ups and downs in the final month the london new york sang i and the rest of the life of a few will be every week on all. alone welcomes technology updates on today's show christmas comes early from.
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a novel animation up brings films to the big screen. a moscow state university gives a whole new meaning to wearable technology but first you may still be a couple of days off but they've already been plenty of festivities this month. something along. the take no spark nano technology sensor was officially opened in the town of troy just south of moscow. aims to become a launch pad for high tech startups by bringing together all the facilities and know how to develop and produce innovative goods all under one roof while the town's strong research base made it the natural choice of location the pog received large investments from ross nano and the company's chairman was that make sure the money had been put to good use about twenty five startups should already be created this year there are twenty five startups alone in the year the center was set up then i expect tens or even hundreds of startups to emerge out of here in the near
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future. and today you see in the creation of these innovation powerhouses with your own. lasers are a key direction for techno spark so we went to a festive projects which is also part of the regional innovation cluster to see what's cooking the family run business has been producing ultra short pulls places for fifteen years it's emerged out of the birthplace of the laser believe it to physical institute and they continue to work closely together. second leases are already frequently used for increasing and cutting to from glass but the full spectrum of after cations for this type of laser is only just being realized however it's hard to imagine exactly how short a benzo second days. into a second is one for trillions or one millionth of a billionth of a second there are a way more fame two seconds in a second then yes the universe has existed so to put it into context it's takes around three.


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